• From 1 off to several thousand batch


  • From 100 kgs to 1000 tonne break load
  • M10 to M155 threads
  • Carbon, Alloys, Stainless, Ali Bronze, & Exotic materials


  • We have over £500 k of blank forgings, bar and billet in stock
  • 1000’s of forging dies, tools, and machining fixtures available
  • Extensive capacity and control
  • The desire to meet your urgent needs


  • No compromise, the best, our Ethos is to sleep soundly


  • Cost reduction by design & improved materials, treatment, & processes
  • We offer real value, our quality stands long after the price is forgotten

Technical assistance & design

  • Our sales team have a wealth of knowledge & experience in many
    industries and applications to share with you
  • We visit, liase, draw, rapid prototype, produce samples, test & certify
  • Approved & consulted by blue chip companies & clients


Products List


Tubular Rigging Screws

Turnbuckles/Straining Screws



Fall Arrest Anchors

Bownuts, Eyenuts and Clevises

Drop Forged Swivels

Miscellaneous Equipment

Ships Chain, Gear and Fittings

List of Nato Stock Number Parts Made



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