Naval Ships And Submarines

Chain Cable, Shackles, Lugless Joiners, Blake and Screw Stoppers, Swivels, Pelican Hooks, Grapnels, Anchors, Adaptor Pieces, Deck Plates, Link Plates, Guard Rail Fittings, RAS Gear, Blocks, Slips, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Hooks, Thimbles, Rings, Boat Hooks, Lead Pellets, Taper Pins, Wedge Clips and many other fittings in Steel, Stainless and Bronzes.















A vast range of fittings for Aircraft, Helicopters, Fighting Vehicles, Ships and Submarines (see NSN list under 'Products') in Steel, Galvanised, Bronze and Stainless.














Mooring gear

Shackles, Chain, Bridles, Adaptors, Three Eye Plates, Swivels, Rings, Sinkers














Fenders and Buoys

Shackles, Swivels, Spindles, Nuts, Chain, Etc. Galvanised.













Fall Arrest Anchors (EN 795)

Eyebolts, Sockets, PPE Discs, Seals, Resin, Couplers, Compression Tubes, Back Plates, Nuts, in Galvanised, White Coated, and Stainless.














Mast Tensioning Gear

Rigging Screws, Turnbuckles, Twin Screws, Shackles, Chain Links. Galvanised throughout.













Railways and Underground

Turnbuckles, Eyebolts, Clevises, Swivels, Couplings, Special Fittings. Steel, Galvanised and Stainless.















Hooks, Shackles, Swivels, Eyebolts, Eyerods, Palm Eyes, Eyenuts, Bownuts, Rigging and Straining Screws, Rings, Slings, Rope Sockets, Clevises, Bordeaux Connections, Container Lifting Shoes, Lifeboat Davit Gear, Turnbuckles, Fittings for Chain, Wire Rope and Webbing. Steel, Galvanised, Painted, Stainless and Bronze.















Rigging Screws, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Hooks, Eyebolts, Thimbles, Blocks, Senhouse Slips, Links, Rings, Swivels. Galvanised and Stainless.














Elephants Feet, Turnbuckles and Rigging Screws, Towing Eyebolts, Clevises, Shackles, Slip Hooks, Ladder Ties, Scaffold Eyeolts, Bracing and Tie Bars.















Overhead Power Transmission Fittings

BS 3288 Ball Ended Fittings, Tower Suspension Swivels, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Links, Solid Thimbles, Saddles and Other Specialist Fittings.











Other Specialist Applications

From Antenna Fittings to Weighing Machine Fittings Special product examples, Hand Tools, to Wire Rope Motorway Barrier Tensioners.











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