Emergency Requirement

Just to say thanks again for all your efforts with the emergency requirement to our customer last Thursday.


Have just spoken with them again this morning and the assembly was all secured on Friday so averting any problem that could have occurred over the weekend.


I know it was a challenge to get the courier at such short notice so much appreciated.



Skills & Expertise at Solid Swivel

Following an investigation into a high severity equipment fail on our site, a full design and manufacture review was conducted. The skills and expertise of Solid Swivel was utilised to support the re-design and subsequent manufacture of components to achieve a more reliable and high quality product that far exceeded our expectations.


The guidance, support and customer centricity of the entire team at Solid Swivel was both refreshing and conforting and I would have no issues recommending what I firmly believe to be a world class product and supplier.


Many thanks to all at Solid Swivel.



Type 45 participation

Dear Mr Perry,


Following the successful delivery of DUNCAN, the sixth and final Type 45, to the Ministry of Defence on Friday 22nd March 2013, I thought it's important to reflect on your achievements of the last 13 years and share the appreciation of our customer and the Royal Navy with you and your team involved in the design, build and delivery of all six ships.


The entry into service of the ships over the last 4 years on schedule has not been without its challenges. Plans have changed multiple times and minds probably many times more, however, there is no doubt that ingenuity, determination and persevering partnerships allowed us to collectively achieve the goal of delivering six fantastic ships. Five of which are actively employed in UK defence activities and the sixth and last (DUNCAN) preparing to commence her training and trials in readiness.


As the TYPE 45 programme enters the warranty and contract closedown chapter, I wanted to thank you and your team for your constant support. The last 13 years has been a testament to the skills of your joint workforce and we congratulate them.



First Class Support at Solid Swivel



Good afternoon, I am sending you this E-mail to say a big thank you all at Solid Swivel, your support as always is first class, and a big thank you to you Adrian for your help this week with updates, and for the 2off rigging screws I recieved today, this is why companies like yourselves stands the test of time. You are a pleasure to deal with.


Many thanks.



Delivery of Mining Chains

Dear Simon,


I am writing to say how much I appreciate the help you gave us in bringing forward the delivery on the mining chains. It worked out that the chains had to go into service straight away because the existing set was defective with worn links.


Had we not been able to supply a new set, the colliery would have been out of compliance and in worst case faced with stopping production, so it really was a lifesaver that you were able to help us meet that deadline.



HMS Gloucester

Dear Mr Perry,


Having just seen the very impressive picture of your team immediately prior to delivery of the final three cables of HMS Gloucester's anchor cable, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you personally.


Despite an extremely challenging delivery timeline, and as I understand it not insignificant material supply issues, Solid Swivel has achieved a huge success in advancing the delivery and ensuring HMS Gloucester could deploy as planned. I have been particularly impressed by the willingness of your team to make it happen and the real success of achieving this in such a timely manner.


In closing, my personal thanks for making this happen, HMS Gloucester has now deployed and you should not underestimate your Company's crucial role in achieving this. I hope that in the longer term we will be able to give you rather less challenging delivery timescales.



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