Profile and History




The Solid Swivel Company began in 1910, with the patenting of the Original ‘Solid Bolt Swivel’ for mooring ships, the origin of our name.


By the 1960’s we were mass producers of Ships Tackle & Lifting Gear, selling catalogue items worldwide through distributors.


Today, the Family owned Company now designs more specialised products and works directly with ‘Original Equipment Manufacturers’ and end users.


We are proud to have so many ‘Blue Chip’ customers working with us, and to hold so many Lloyds Register of Shipping Approvals.


Solid Swivel is now the only ‘Approved Manufacturer of Anchoring and Mooring Chain’ in the United Kingdom.


The reason behind our success is the wide amount of plant and skills we have on our 1 ½ acre site.


Solid Swivel, and its sister Company Solid Stampings can take a bar of steel, forge it, smith, weld, treat, machine, assemble and test without it leaving our site.


We optimise control of the quality, and delivery in full, and on time.


Solid Swivel has been investing heavily in the last few years, bringing experienced people, processes, machines and tooling from similar Companies to enhance the business.


Such as:


• Woodrose Engineering - Precision Engineers


• T.B.Wellings - Makers of shackles, hooks, and ships tackle


• Tensile Forgings - Makers of shackles, eyebolts, and upset forgings


• Product Developments Engineering - Makers of Container Lifting Lugs


We now make over 3000 products for 44 Industries in 20 Countries.


'Solid'products are known throughout the world for their robust quality, strength and reliability.